Throwback Thursday: Shadow Falls by C. C. Hunter

Tell me a series that has better humor and witty dialogue (seriously, please tell me, I’m always on the lookout). I’ll wait, but while I’m waiting, I’ll also highlight these amazing aspects in the Shadow Falls series. So let’s leap frog into it, shall we? (For those who get the reference kudos to you).

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Book Review: “Parachutes” by Kelly Yang

Where to even start, that’s the question here. I first discovered Parachutes by attending BookConline and watching the Raise Your Voice panel feature multiple talented authors. I have since added all of their books to my TBR pile. Kelly Yang’s book, however, was already available for purchase, so I bought it for kindle immediately. I knew what type of book I was signing on for; she’d spoken about it during the panel, which had only made me that much more eager to read its contents.

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