The Sea is Salt and So Am I by Cassandra Hartt

It’s that time again! That’s right, book review time. Buckle up dear readers because for this one we’re taking a summer road trip to a small sea town in Maine.

I loved this book; from the character interactions to the distance between reader and character, everything kept me hooked. The novel follows three characters (Harlow and the twins, Tommy & Ellis) over the course of a summer. A unique flare on the novel: each chapter shifts perspectives among these three. While I understand Hartt’s reasoning behind this, I will say that I was never fully invested in Ellis’s perspective. This is because of the romance aspect Hartt introduced early on between Harlow and Tommy. Meanwhile, we don’t really get anything from Ellis. It makes reading from his perspective a little dull since all we see are complications and inner struggles with himself and a sudden instant revelation of love at the end. This revelation could have come much sooner and made things more interesting.

She breathes and all the windows fog.
She hums and the sky spits snow.
She hooks her ankle around mine and my pulse lands on a brand-new rhythm.

For Tommy and Harlow, though, not only do we have the romance aspect between them, we also have their unique inner struggles and the secrets that they hide from one another and others. This makes shifting perspectives between them (especially when back-to-back) even more interesting. Add in the spicy (or should I say salty) interactions between theses three and you’ve got a pretty compelling read.

Another part I absolutely loved while reading is the amount of distance between reader and character despite the first person perspective Hartt used. I never felt like I was right on top of the character, or like I was trapped with a single person. It was nice having that space and still feeling a connection between the the characters.

I will say the story hooked me until the ending. I understand and respect why Hartt ended the novel the way she did, but I was not a fan. I won’t say what happens, that’s for you lovely readers to find out.

If you get a chance and see this novel in bookstores or an online ebook version, definitely give it a read. The storytelling throughout is wonderful. Hartt does a great job of captivating her audience through the power of writing.

That’s all for this review. I’ll see you in the next post!

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