Boss Fight

The chill ran up Zach’s spine before he heard the sickly sweet voice.

“You’re so busted.”

His right fist tightened around his pen. He’d known this was coming ever since he’d met eyes with Gracie the night he snuck out; he just hadn’t known when she’d come dangle his dirty little secret over his head.

“Not if you keep your trap shut like a good little sister.”

Gracie snorted, “Who ever said I was good?”

Zach ground his teeth together. She’d been getting cheeky with him over the last few weeks, all because she was coming into her teens; as if she could ever have full run of the house.

“If you had the guts to tell mom and dad, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.”

“Doesn’t mean I won’t tell them.”

“Then I guess you better dig a grave for two, Gracie.” he turned in his desk chair, meeting his sister’s hazel gaze. “I wasn’t the only one sneaking out last night.” The corner of his mouth twitched. “Or should I say sneaking inlast night?”

Gracie shifted, no longer leaning against the doorframe.

“Little miss perfect sneaking back after a scandalous rendezvous with Daniel. What d’you think mom and dad would say about that?”

“You wouldn’t, Zach,” her voice was taut; breathless as her irises turned over in the fading light of day.

“Worried they wouldn’t approve?”

“You know they wouldn’t.”

He reached for the phone on his desk. “Maybe I should just invite him to dinner sometime-”


He stood from the chair, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he stalked towards his sister. She stood still, back stiff as the fence posts in their backyard. “Two can play at this game, sis.” he said, stopping beside her in the doorway. “Don’t attempt the boss fight if you can’t even beat the minions.”

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