Throwback Thursday: Shadow Falls by C. C. Hunter

Tell me a series that has better humor and witty dialogue (seriously, please tell me, I’m always on the lookout). I’ll wait, but while I’m waiting, I’ll also highlight these amazing aspects in the Shadow Falls series. So let’s leap frog into it, shall we? (For those who get the reference kudos to you).

Shadow Falls is a supernatural YA series that takes place in a summer camp under the guise of a rehabilitation camp for troubled teens. Yes, that’s a mouth full, but man is it chock full of unique story. Hunter brings her characters to life through third-person limited in this twisting-turning series of suspense, romance, mystery, and the supernatural; a deliciously dangerous mix if I say so myself.

So, first two on our checkbox is humor and witty dialogue. Let’s just take a moment and appreciate the quote below.

“When one door closes, find another.”
Kylie gazed back up. “And what if there isn’t another door?”
“Then you try the window.”
“And if there’s not a window?” Kylie asked.
“Then you find a sledgehammer and make a window.”
— Shadow Falls

I cannot tell you the many times I have incorporated this very quote into my life and reiterated it to others. Not gonna lie, there were very few moments in which I read this novel that my stomach wasn’t left hurting from the laughter, or I didn’t have to take a moment to continue reading. Hunter just seems to have a way with jokes, crude or otherwise, that just resonate with a person. To all the writers out there, this is one of the biggest aspect of writing that can be so difficult for some to grasp (myself included), but so simple for others.

“You’re attracted to him,” Kylie said. “And don’t try to deny it. You’ve even admitted that much to me.”
“Okay, I won’t deny that. He’s got that whole hard body, vampire magnetism going for him. But when I was young, I had a crush on Big Bird. That wouldn’t have worked out either.” — Shadow Falls

I mean, come on, how does someone come up with this gold mine of humor and dialogue? Is there a secret book out there somewhere, because if so I wanna know where to buy it. Just going back through and writing this post has me craving to open the novel’s cover and dive back into the Shadow Falls world because, for all of its humor and dialogue, it was an amazing and unique story, too. Hunter crafts this beautiful world of the supernatural in a summer camp. We’re not just talking vampires and werewolves, either. We have witches and warlocks, fae, shape shifters, etc. all crammed into this single space and interacting with one another. Toss in puberty, sexual tension, and teenage attitude and you’ve got an interesting evening planned out; it’s also an excellent choice if you’re looking for a lengthy read, as the main series alone spans five novels, not to mention the in between short stories, and the spin offs featuring Della and Miranda.

If you’re interested in checking out the series, head on over to Amazon (link below) and dive into the Shadow Falls world via the first book Born at Midnight. If you’re interested in learning more about the author, check out her author page. I hope you enjoyed this Throwback Thursday, and if you have a recommendation for next week’s post, comment below or send me a suggestion under the Contact Me page. Until next time.

All the best.

Born at Midnight (A Shadow Falls Novel, book 1)

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