Bookconline 2020

It’s upon us, everyone. Bookconline is HOURS away, and I am oh so excited. Every year that passes, I vow to attend the convention, but I never have time to. Life gets in the way. Last year it was school, the year before that I was working two jobs. This year we have a mass pandemic. Ironically enough, that’s the only reason I’m able to attend it this year, otherwise I’d be in Japan, watching everything from afar.

So, what is Bookcon, you may ask. Bookcon is an amazing annual convention held within New York City where all of our favorite authors convene for one amazing, literary filled weekend. We have panels, signings, merch, the authors, the list goes on. Basically, it’s a bookworms heaven. It works like any other convention, buy the tickets, get the hotel room, save tons of cash to splurge on all the goodies, and then come home with a Bookcon hangover. This year, though, things are working differently. With the event online, anyone can partake in the convention. There’s still some merch you can buy online to get into that Bookcon spirit, and the panels will be spread out over the weekend (May 30-31). Sound interesting and fun? Great! Let’s continue on.

This year, Bookcon’s deal is reading societies—think Harry Potter houses. You’ve got the Sage society, Nomads, Spell-Binder, Explorers, and Soul-Seekers. If you go onto the website, you’ll be able to take a nifty little quiz that will sort you into your society—I’m part of the Sage society, which fits me perfectly. Once you take it, let me know your society down below! There are also a few other quizzes you can take about how many books you’ve read in the varying societies. Aside from this, there are other things scheduled for the online convention such as panels featuring some amazing authors like Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Marie Lu. If you’d like a full list of guest click here to check it out. There’s also a list of all the scheduled panels; every panel will happen either on the Facebook page or the group page, so be sure to follow both so you don’t miss out!

Note: If you’re like me and need organization in your life to function properly, Bookcon has an app that lets you schedule things accordingly. I’ve done this and I feel so much better knowing what’s happening when.

Some sessions I think you should keep an eye out for: Epic YA, Pocket Change Collective, TRANScending the Binary in YA, Stupid $#!+ I wrote when I was Young, Contemporary Fictions and Modern Day Storytellers.

Let’s be honest, I’d list every panel if I could. They all sound amazing, and I’m so excited for the convention to kick off tomorrow. I’ll be posting some blog updates on the convention, once things wind down. There will be a run down on some sessions I found to be insightful on certain books and ways of writing along with things authors said that I found interesting.

Bookcon will also hold online giveaways. It’s super simple to enter, you just click on the one you’re interested in, fill out the form, and BOOM you’re entered. They have tons on the page, so click here to check it out.

I believe that about wraps up everything I wanted to discuss on the Bookconline 2020 matter. I was late to the game—in case you couldn’t tell—but I’m here now and super excited to partake in the events this year. I hope all of you are, because it’ll be a blast!

Also, keep an eye out for the next post. Another adventure in Japan is coming your way. Until next time!

All the best.

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