First Two Months In University and A Possible Trip To Peru?

Hello all, I hope everyone is well while you’re reading this particular post today. As the only thing, I’ve been posting recently have been writing advice articles I’ve decided to make this one more laid back and a recap on the hectic life that has been mine over the course of the first two months after starting University. So, let’s dive in shall we?

I started my first year at the University in September and since then a whole slew of things have happened that make me curious as to what the future holds. Within the first month alone I found myself inside two different hospitals twice!

The first time was because one person I’d started to get to know had a sudden increase and then a rapid decrease in blood pressure. They hadn’t felt comfortable going to the hospital alone so I tagged along with them for emotional support and comic relief. That was how I got to have my first ride in an ambulance.

I’ve got to say, those things are a lot roomier than I originally thought them to be. They’re also higher up off the ground then I thought they’d be. I had a pleasant conversation with the driver about my major and plans for the future. It was all very nice aside from, you know, my friend being on a gurney in the back of the vehicle.

We ended up being kept in the hospital until about two in the morning which I then got us an uber back to the university campus. That wasn’t cheap but I was more so glad that the person hadn’t turned out to be some sociopathic killer.

The second time I went to the hospital was for a friend yet again and I laughed my ass off the entire way to the building. This time it was a different hospital and I’d been taken to it in the back of a police car while my friend, a different one this time around, sat in the front.

You see, the evening had been going pretty well. All was calm, a group of my friends and I were chilling in the downstairs common area watching the Harry Potter movie marathon that was on the television and just having a good time. Suddenly, my name was called from the large office behind us and I got up and went back there where I found my friend waiting. She asked if I’d go to the hospital with her and, of course, I said yes and that I just had to get a few things.

Immediately after I got back to the office, my group of friends were still in the common area and confused to all hell, I sat and waited for our ride fully thinking it was going to be another ambulance. Nope. It was a Policeman and his car. I almost pissed myself from laughing so hard when I realized what my friends in the common area must have been thinking when they saw that police officer walk back in the office they knew I was in but didn’t know our other friend was in.

We were escorted out of the building and I jumped on the opportunity to sit in the back of the vehicle knowing that I, hopefully, would never get an opportunity like it again. I’ve got to say, it was quite uncomfortable. The spot the car was parked in was perfect and gave me a clear view into the common area where I could still see my friends so, still wanting to have another good laugh I sent them this message:

Guys, look outside the common room window. I’m in the back of the police car!

I was wheezing when I saw each one of them dart up from the couches one after the other. We left too soon and I couldn’t see any of them look out the window, though. Everything turned out alright with my friend and, once again I was getting another uber from the hospital at an ungodly hour back to the dorms.

The third time I went to the hospital it was actually for myself! And it was on Halloween night! No, this is not a joke or a trick…well, it’s a little bit of a trick. It’s the trick my appendix played on me.

That’s right, I got appendicitis on Halloween night and had to be taken to the emergency room to get my appendix removed. Thankfully, I’d had a good friend I could trust to get me there and she stayed with me the whole time. We cracked jokes and I laughed throughout the entire night even though it hurt to laugh too hard. A lot of people might not say this but, appendicitis aside, it was a good night. I had a lot of laughs and cracked a lot of jokes throughout it so I doubt I’ll ever look back on the situation in disdain or regret. In fact, I’m almost positive I’ll look back on it and laugh kind of like I am right now while I type this up.

So yeah, outside of the usual of grueling schoolwork and late nights studying that’s what my first two months of University consisted of. Three trips to the hospital, a ride in an ambulance and a cop car, and two rides in an uber at ungodly hours of the night. Of course, there have been other fun things like movie nights with my friends and meetups for dinner at the dining hall. I don’t actually think there are words that do the feeling justice when you’re sitting in the dining hall or you enter the dining hall and there’s just a group of people you know that you enjoy being with that make breakfast, lunch, and dinner taste so much better because of the conversations they bring with them. It’s a great feeling.

And now, now it’s time for what you’ve all probably been waiting for. Peru. Yes, there is a possibility of me going to Peru for 9 days at the end of May. There’s a particular class I have my eye on taking in the spring semester that consists of a trip to the country and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to pull the trip off.

Who am I kidding?

I’m definitely going to pull the trip off! So get ready for a heck of an adventure at the end of May because everything will be documented on here! I’ll update you all on more information as I get it so stay tuned. Also, there’s another writing advice article coming at the beginning of December. A little hint on what it’s about?

Round and flat characters in writing.

Until next time Bookoholic’s!


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