Exclusive Short Story! “Life After Legend”

Hey Bookoholic’s! I’m writing today to inform you of some pretty great things! If any of you have ever read the Legend series by Marie Lu then you know how great it is! If you’re a fan of her I’m sure you’ve heard of the new novel Warcross which is coming out on September 12 of 2017. If you preorder the book then you’ll get the exclusive short story Life After Legend in the mail after the release of the book! I absolutely loved the entire series and all it had to offer. The first thing that caught me was how well the entire series flowed. “He’s a Legend. She’s a prodigy. Who will be champion?” just the wording catches the readers interest instantly. Even the covers are beautiful to look at! My favorite would have to be the Champion cover.

When I first saw the Legend series it was in stores and in a box set so when I bought it I was lucky enough to be able to just go through book after book without having to stop and wait for the next one in the series. I was also lucky enough that it came with the short story Life Before Legend which I immensely enjoyed reading. I was enamored by the world and the characters that lived within it.

As a fellow reader of the series, though, I’m sure we can all relate to the fact that we’ve often wondered what came next for Day and June. We were left with a semi happy ending you could say (I won’t go into detail for those of you who have yet to read the series). I know that I was left wanting more which is why I’m so excited to inform you that Marie Lu has written an exclusive short story called Life After Legend. Similar to what we got with the short story Life Before Legend we are once again in the Legend world and following our kickass main characters Day and June for one last time! My hands itch just to hold it in my hands.

I hope this has brought some excitement to your day because I know it’s brought some to mine! If you’re interested in preordering Warcross for the short story Life After Legend click here.

That’s all for now Bookoholic’s and I’ll see you in the next update!



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